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  1. Sylvanian Families Garden BBQ Set

    As well as being the Lollipop Man in Sylvania, Maurice Chantilly is famous for his barbecue parties and marvellous hospitality. The food is always delicious and plentiful and Maurice loves to chat ... Learn More


  2. Sylvanian Families Day at the Seaside Set

    Safe behind his wind break, Harley Farthing loves reading the newspaper on his deck chair in the sun while his son Vespa happily builds sand castles on the beach, plays ball or goes for a swim wear... Learn More


  3. Sylvanian Families Canoe Set

    The Canoe Set has room for two and includes two life jackets. The life jackets are the perfect size for children and once inside the canoe they can sit next to or facing each other. Have even more ... Learn More


  4. Sylvanian Families Candy Wagon

    The Candy Wagon comes with lots of colourful candy and drawers. The movable shelf can be attached to the edge of the wagon or stored inside it. The candy stand can also be attached to the poles of... Learn More


  5. Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre 5256

    The Ballet Theatre is a grand theatre for the Sylvanian children to have ballet lessons and perform recitals.

    The Ballet Theatre comes with ballerina Freya Chocolate wearing ballet shoes a... Learn More


  6. Sylvanian Families Halloween Trick Or Treats Set 5268

    This limited edition set contains a pumpkin carriage, two baby figurines in special Halloween outfits, tiny buckets and sweets to take trick-or-treating! Baby Creme Chocolate loves her witch hat an... Learn More


  7. Sylvanian Families Christmas Set 2225

    This cute Christmas Set comes with Freya Chocolate Rabbit, wearing her special Santa-style dress and Christmas ear-hat. Complete with all the Christmas trimmings, it includes a star-topped tree and... Learn More


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7 Item(s)

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